A Kolkata Love Story

Love and Laughter in the City of Joy.

Join Farhan on his journey from one failed relationship to another while his room-mates Aditya, Anthony, and Rahul support him by making him feel miserable about it while they find deep meaningful relationships themselves.

Farhan is a call centre employee with low self-esteem and really low ambitions. His only goal in life is to just get through it one day at a time.

Aditya Happens to be an IT employee who never looked at women the way men normally do, until one fateful day when something in him just changed.

Rahul comes from a middle-class family who works with his father in a textile company. He finds love where he was least expecting it.

Anthony happens to be a drug addict who has his own outlook in life. He also happens to have feelings for Rahul’s girlfriend.

Will Farhan ever find true love or had he already fallen in love and realized it a little too late?

Book Excerpt

I was out on a date with a girl. We were just breezing through a mall. Holding hands, talking and passing comments. The usual stuff, the boy meets girl stuff. She was chewing on Center Fresh when it happened.

I boldly decided it was time and asked, “So, what’s your bra size?”

Advice of the 21st century—To men of all ages, especially below ten, it is never polite to ask a woman, when you are dating her, her age, size, sexual orientation and what she wants to do next. Most probably the answer to the latter would be, never see you again (in my case at least I believe this holds true). It is also easier to get out of a relationship this way. But that wasn’t my intention here and I seldom know what they are. I’m very impulsive.

Whack (This part of the book brought to you by Center Fresh. “Center Fresh sirf zuban ko lagam de. Hath ko nahin.” Center fresh stops your mouth. Not your hand. Yes, we advertise in books too).

This woman packed quite a punch, she was a black belt after all, and I would have fallen to the floor if I was lucky. But I wasn’t. The place where we were standing when I got hit led straight down a flight of stairs. I fell there. I scraped my knee, tore my jeans, bruised my elbow and got scratches on my head. These are one of those moments when I realize why hair is necessary, but I still tend to overlook it.

Lady Luck, as some of you call it, never did like me much and had more in store for me. The flight of stairs where I fell was a flight of escalator stairs going up. Ten seconds of rolling, tumbling and minor injuries later I found myself lying at her feet looking up at her. She was furious.

“Want me to go again?” I asked her, pointing down the escalator.

She rolled her eyes, saying, “Tu nahin sudhrega, Farhan.” You will never grow up, Farhan (Farhan happens to be my name) and politely walked away without helping me up.

I lay there, giving enough room for people coming up the escalator to jump over me. I gathered quite a crowd; people surrounded me and wondered what I was doing with a bleeding forehead, lying on the floor. If they simply bothered to ask me I would have told them. Why on earth did I choose to go out with a girl I met who used to go to the same karate lessons as me? It is answers to these questions that always have eluded me. Questions to life, the universe and everything was a totally different matter, I knew the answer to be forty-two.