Q & A with the Author

I am doing my own Q & A as and whenever I come with any questions I will post them here. If you have any other questions you want to be answered without spoilers leave them below in the comments section. Your name shall be forever immortalized next to the question!

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Question 1: What inspired you to write ‘A Kolkata Love Story’?

a) my love life was screwed up and I wanted to share it with people.
b) I was miserable and wanted to share my misery with people.
c) I wanted people to laugh.
d) the correct option is c.

If you guess d you would still be right. Options a and b are just plain wrong.

Question 2: What’s the deal with the answer to life, the universe, and everything being forty-two?

Answer: Huh? I will definitely understand if you are not into science fiction or have never heard of Douglas Adams’ ‘Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy’ but my sincere request please read it. Buying and reading it will give you a sense of ownership. Borrowing it is also fine. But please read it!